Armando Cardenas

Sales Support Tech - Distribution Manager - Outside Sales

Armando Cardenas is the manager of Polydeck’s Tucson, Arizona based Distribution Center, which he has overseen the last few years. While newer to the mining industry, Armando credits growing up in a mining town and the influence of the miners in his upbringing to be instrumental in his desire to join the industry. His prior experience in inventory management, logistics, and receiving have taught him the value of building and maintaining a sustainable distribution center to meet customer demand in a timely manner by keeping detailed accounts of all stock, knowing what each customer needs and by when, and preserving an organized workplace. Armando’s customer first, caring attitude is what sets him apart and makes him an invaluable asset to serving the needs of customers as he delivers panels, leads installations, and helps troubleshoot.

When he is not helping customers, Armando enjoys spending his free time taking care of his dog, playing basketball, hiking, and watching movies.



Authored Articles

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