COVID-19 Statement

Statement on Coronavirus Threat (COVID-19)

Our thoughts are with you and your families during these uncertain times. We continue to monitor this situation closely and are in constant contact with our customers, suppliers, and government regarding our operations.

We have applied for "Essential Business" status and we are currently operating normally for all regular and emergency orders.

Polydeck provides critical manufacturing products and services to key chemical, transportation systems, energy companies and other sectors that are deemed critical sectors by our government. 

We continue to serve all of our customers.

Whatever the need is, we are here to meet them while keeping you and our employees as safe as possible. Our Sales Experts are adhering to the government recommendations for the areas they live while remaining attentive to your needs. If you need anything, we are ready and available to help you with any issue that may arise at your operation.

We will continue to keep you posted should any safety or business requirements change that would impact our ability to support you during this time. Thank you for your business and remember, together we will get through this. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG.

Together Strong.

Peter Freissle, President

Additional Information

Operational & Supply Chain Risk Assessment Process

As an ISO 9001:2015 registered organization, Polydeck Screen Corporation utilizes Risk Assessment and Mitigation processes to evaluate and maintain operations and supply continuity across varying market, economic, and social impacts.

On January 30, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) a global health emergency, with governments instituting large scale response and containment efforts to control the outbreak of the virus.

In response to this risk environment, the below provides a combination of status as well as mitigation actions enacted to ensure operational continuity, material and supply availability, and provide our customers with the products and services required for their operational success.

Current inventory: Raw materials, Finished Goods levels

Current inventory levels are effective, with a continuing evaluation of levels maintained in inventory. As an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer, Risk Assessment and Mitigation is part of our operating norms. Both finished goods products and key raw materials are managed and adjusted by risk assessments to ensure operational continuity and supply to our customers. Balancing historical usage data, market information, current demand profiles, and anticipated risk levels by commodity, inventory levels, and pipeline stock have been modified to lengthen supply availability appropriately. Secondary processing locations for raw material steel components have been developed to allow for increased capacity in the event of regional quarantine. Polydeck utilizes supply agreements for various materials that secure committed inventory resources and production capacity. Our Spartanburg manufacturing operation, combined with Polydeck distribution center locations are available to support the requirements of our customers.

Production operations status

Current operations are proceeding on normal operating schedules. Enhanced sanitation and distancing practices have been implemented, as well as limiting and increasing caution with visitors to our facility. Cross-trained personnel improves labor flexibility and provides additional coverage when required.

Freight/ Transportation impacts

At present, no disruptions in truck freight have been experienced. In the areas of air freight and ocean cargo freight, periodic delays have been encountered as both areas have experienced stress. Airfreight is impacted by both capacity and individual governmental requirements. Ocean freight has additionally seen container availability delays. Individual labor represents a high risk in the transportation industry in terms of service levels, with border and port restrictions risk potential rising.

Supplier Risk Mitigation/ Assessments
Within the major commodity groups, Polydeck has established relationships with suppliers utilizing various operating tiers. This provides effective price competition while offering varying levels of vertical process integration. Suppliers that vertically integrate and have separate streams of resources provide additional options through traditional business cycles and are increasingly valuable in times such as these.

Supplier Update/ Assessment Interval
In working with our tier-one suppliers, the evaluation of their respective risk mitigation plans to adjust inventory levels and ensure operational continuity is ongoing. Through the partnerships developed with our key suppliers, two additional tiers are being assessed and reviewed to ensure continuity of supply and appropriate planning intervals. At present, Polydeck suppliers are providing updates two times per week, with any emergency changes to staffing and production requested at the occurrence. 
In a review of key suppliers, each has developed individual material planning, enhanced sanitation practices, staggered production shifts to reduce cross-contamination where practicable, and restrictive measures on travel.

Polydeck Travel Policy

Reduced/ restricted non-essential travel has been activated in an effort to protect Polydeck associates, as well as adhere to the requirements of our customers. Additionally, visitors to the facility have been limited, with screening required when access is required.

Polydeck Service/ Sales Support in the Current Environment
Although we have curtailed non-essential travel, there will be no difference in service or availability of Polydeck salespeople to support our customers. If there is a significant change in our level of service, we will communicate this to our customers.

As this situation evolves, ongoing evaluations of our manufacturing operations and supply chain partners are in place to ensure the operational and materials required for effective customer support.

If market or supply conditions warrant, additional communications will be provided to ensure 
effective information is provided to our valued customers and partners.