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Why We Serve

Published: 01,11,2021

Polydeck's most recent trip to Nicaragua.

On August 4th at 4:15 am, a team of 12 Polydeck employees left from the Spartanburg plant to Managua, Nicaragua to serve with Chosen Children Ministries' Genesis Project. This is a 6-year initiative pioneered by Polydeck to come alongside one of the poorest barrios in Nicaragua to give them a helping hand up, not just a hand out. As a team, we were able to build a home, serve food to over 200 children daily, host a workshop for local business owners, and host a Vacation Bible School for children in the community of Mount Zion.

To be completely honest, I struggled to come on this trip and serve. I’m new at my job and the to-do list seems endless. Life at home is busy and it seems like a big sacrifice to be away. I could go on and on about why this trip was an inconvenience but here are three things I realized that helped me say yes to getting involved.

It feels really great to serve others!

There is an inexpressible joy that comes from serving. Giving a pint of blood and knowing you’re saving a life; swinging a hammer to build a safe place for a mom to raise her family; delivering a meal with a smile to brighten someone’s day and keep them from going hungry. All of these small acts of service make big impacts in people’s lives and it feels great knowing that you played a part in that.

Serving connects you to the world around you

Our lives are busy. The days are full of making deadlines, meeting expectations of others, building new relationships while maintaining old ones, frustrating traffic, parent-teacher meetings, and the list goes on and on. When we prioritize serving in our community, it helps us see outside our bubble. It gives us perspective, it grows our compassion and it helps us connect with what others are going through.

The best relationships are forged through service

As I write this, I’m sitting with our team at the Mission House in Masaya. We had a long day in the heat of Central America and we are playing a game of Phase 10. There is laughter, heated disagreements, conversations about what our dreams are for our careers, biggest failures, and other things you’d only share with a close friend. When we boarded the plane on Sunday, we barely knew each other’s names and today, we are family. Creating a bond so strong in such a short time only happens when we gather together for a purpose bigger than ourselves.

We each have an opportunity to push past the excuses and give back to those who need it. I’ve learned that when I do, I gain so much in return.

If you want to get involved in serving, it would be my honor to help you do that.

Written by Joel Delph, Polydeck Caring Manager.

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