Ken Leconte

Vice President of Corporate Projects

Ken Leconte is the Vice President of Corporate Projects at Polydeck. Ken leads the Polydeck team with an acute focus on quality and excellence so that employees feel supported in their work and customers are satisfied with their products. Some of Ken’s proudest accomplishments include his children, his global travel experiences and Polydeck’s success and growth. Ken believes that great leaders lead by example, are compassionate and fair, and treat others with respect and humility. 

Ken holds an MBA from Western New England College and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts- Dartmouth. Ken holds a certification in Strategic Thinking (University of Chicago), and completed training courses in Lean Leadership, 5S, Facilitative Leader. His most enjoyable seminar experience was with John Maxwell and Patrick Lencione in Charlotte, NC. Ken and his wife, Mary Ellen, met while in training for their first jobs (post-college) in Chicago, Illinois. They have been married for over 39 years and have three amazing children. Kens enjoys golf and skiing and is an avid sports fan. 

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