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Spray Nozzles
Polydeck’s polyurethane spray nozzles are designed for one purpose: to deliver water to the screen deck to wash material. Unfortunately, components of spray systems — such as spray bar nozzles — are too often taken for granted and forgotten until they don't work. That’s why we’ve designed ours to be practically maintenance-free. Our patented, self-cleaning polyurethane spray nozzle design has no metal parts to rust and corrode. That helps make our spray bar nozzles sturdy enough to stand up to whatever volume of water your application requires. They reliably deliver the designated amount of water evenly across the deck, without blowing a hole in your screen media. Polydeck’s polyurethane spray nozzles are available in a variety of shapes and configurations.

Because of the wide distribution pattern from Polydeck's polyurethane spray nozzle heads, fewer spray heads are required per screen width.


A tapered flow orifice allows for aperture cleaning to flush out debris and particles when rotated 180° using the provided spray nozzle handle. It comes with a 3/4" male NPSM coupling for installation.

Replaceable Items

All components of the spray valve assembly, body, orifice core, handle and coupling are available separately if lost or damaged.


Five different center core opening sizes are available ranging from 5mm to 13mm, as well as a solid core for blocking off a location or setting your own orifice diameter. If your water volume needs change, the center core can easily be removed and replaced with another opening size. An optional handle is also available to make adjusting the water flow and direction even easier.

Spray Nozzles
Orifice Size
5mm | 7mm | 9mm
Capacity Range (gpm)
Between 2.6 – 13 gpm
Spray width ranges based on distance between nozzle and deck panels:
8” from nozzle: 18”-32”
12” from nozzle: 24” – 44”
16” from nozzle: 30” – 59”
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