Attaching Side Wear Plates for Screen Protection

With so many variables in the design, age and performance of vibrating machines, Polydeck offers a wide variety of ways to attach side wear plates to the walls of your machines. The best option for your operation should be agreed upon up front, based on factors such as budget, width of the machine, bed depth and machine settings.

Attachment Options

bolt-on, angle clip, and universal wedge clip and wedge


SB (Steel-backed) Rubber - 1-1/8" think in standard 6" and 12" heights; typically used in dry/coarse applications.
Steel-reinforced Polyurethane - 3/4" thick by 5" high or 1-1/4" thick by 8" high; typically used in wet/fine applications.
UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) - from 1" to 2-1/2" thick and 5" to 12" high; easy to work with option costs less to install but offers shorter service life.

Talk to an Expert About a Custom Solution for You


When you choose Polydeck Screen Corporation to be your screening partner, you’re not simply choosing product performance, you’re choosing company performance. Guaranteed!

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