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Ceramic Liners
Polydeck's ceramic liners are a versatile bolt-in solution for high wear applications. Using proprietary molding techniques and a variety of ceramic shape options, Polydeck's ceramic liners can be designed to fit your specific application.
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Magnetic Liners
Polydeck's magnetic liners are designed with a combined holding force of up to 600 lbs and molded 1’ spaced cut lines, these liners make in-field modifications easy.
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Rubber Liners
Polydeck's rubber liners are the easiest, quickest and safest way to help protect feed chutes, feed boxes, discharge lips, transfer points or any similar location that needs to be protected without welding or cutting.
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Poly Liners
Polydeck's poly liners range from a variety of liners for your specific needs or have one of our experts recommend the best liner option for you.
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