Screen Frame Systems

PipeTop II™ Stringer System For Extreme Versatility And Maximum Open Area

Our extremely versatile PipeTop II™ stringer system provides maximum open area for your screen because of its unique 1/2" rail construction, while competitor stringers are typically 2" minimum. The PipeTop II stringers are 75% smaller than our competitors, providing more open area, increasing throughput or increased screen availability in your operation. Pick from a list of replaceable components, protective options, and pair with our maxi panels for a winning team.

PolyRail™ System Proven Effective in Difficult Conditions

Our PolyRail™ fastening system is a flexible, easy to install screening system that attaches to a wide range of screen deck frame support rails, including channel and angle iron. The PolyRail™ system features the most secure positive locking rail fastening system in the industry, with a proven track record in the most difficult applications and/or in high G-force (above 5 Gs) operating conditions.

Channel Stringer & Grid Systems Handle Heavy Loads

Polydeck's original frame system, featuring 2" wide rails with 23mm holes for pin-style fastening. The design, in channel grid or skeleton grid configurations, is still used today in heavy load applications.

Trommels Are Customized for You

Polydeck trommel designs are customized for each application to ensure maximum efficiency. When used with our PipeTop II™ stringer system, open area can be increased by 25-30% over conventional grid trommels. Our trommel designs allow for quick panel replacement resulting in reduced downtime.

Kwikdeck Conversion System For Quick Conversion To Modular

Kwikdeck™ is an innovative and revolutionary product enabling producers to quickly and easily convert a single or double-crowned deck to modular rubber screen media with absolutely no frame modifications.

High Standards for Weld Quality

The performance of a well-designed frame is only as good as the quality of its welds. By using the best tools and the best materials available, our certified welders construct every frame to Polydeck's stringent welding standards, which meet AWS welding practices. Once welding is complete, all structural frame welds are tested using cutting edge inspection methods to evaluate attributes like leg size, width of weld face, length of weld and maximum reinforcement. Only then is the frame released to the Finishing Department for final detailing and delivery.

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