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The PipeTop II™ Stringer System is known for its versatility. Pick from a range of conversion options, additional accessories, and fastening styles to meet your gradation needs.
Increases Open Area
The PipeTop II™ Stringer System is the first of its kind, designed with 1/2 inch rails to enable the largest open area when combined with the Polydeck Maxi panels.
Sizes: ½"-wide PipeTop II™ rails with ferrules in two-per-foot or three-per-foot combinations. "Winged" rails are available to accommodate screen panels that require lateral fastening.
Fastening Options: PolySnap, Pin and Sleeve, Pin-Style, and Bolt-Down are all available options.
Conversion Options: Individual Stringer Rails, Jigged Assemblies, Complete Deck Frame
Ferrules: Steel Ferrules combinations are available in both mild steel or stainless steel for your specific application needs.