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Heavy Duty
Heavy duty steel reinforced polyurethane PolyRail™ panels ensure secure installation and holding power.
PolyRail™'s one-piece constructions allows PolyRail™ adapter strips to be quickly and easily bolted to existing stringer systems with 2 ft stringer spacing minimizing downtime and simplifying panel installation and removal.
Easy Conversion
It is easy to convert to the PolyRail™ system without any cutting or welding. PolyRail™ adapter strips and screen panels install quickly (as little as 3-4 hours for an 8 ft x 16 ft deck) and easily installs on a variety of screen types (banana, horizontal, or incline).
Dimensions: PolyRail™ adapter strips are offered in 4 ft lengths and can be cut to smaller lengths to fit any screen deck arrangement. The strips are arranged in 2 ft centers on the screen.
Panel Material: PolyRail™ panels are available in polyurethane and rubber.
Aperture Options: Solid, Slots (.35mmX 10mm to 127mm X 254mm), Continuous Slot (opening widths from 0.65mm to 1.5mm), VR and SVR.
Other Available Features: Dams, skid bars, deflectors and more.