Primary Options

PolySnap® - patented Polydeck design that snaps into place quickly and easily, without the need for pins. This fastening option provides a unique positive vertical and horizontal dual-locking mechanism, and requires only a mallet for installation and a screwdriver for removal. Available in both polyurethane and rubber screen panels, Polysnap is our most popular attachment option. Pin-Style - widely used in the aggregate and mining industries. Available in various options, depending on application needs and screen panel thickness, pin-style fastening accommodates all Polydeck screen panel designs. PolyRail™ - simple, bolt-on rail system commonly used in coal industry. PolyRail converts channel or angle iron frame rails to our PolyRail™ system

Secondary Options

Pin and Sleeve - Two-part fastening option to provide extra-duty holding power on scalping applications. Pin and sleeve fastening options are ideal for use on 65mm+ thick screen panels, and both parts are made of hard, 85 durometer polyurethane. Bolt-Down - For top deck, scalping applications that feature large material sizes and maximum impact on the screen surface. Bolt-down is the fastening option used on Armadex™, our line of ultra-tough rubber scalping screen sections and liners.

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