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Field & Installation Support

For installation service and support unrivaled in our industry, you can depend on Polydeck.

Thorough Applications Engineering

Our Applications Engineering Department reviews all new orders submitted by our Outside Sales network. This approach helps ensure every screen panel selection is appropriate for the application.

Expert Design Engineering

Our Design Engineering Department is responsible for all new and retrofit frame designs, as well as leading the development of new products. Our engineers and designers possess a wealth of experience in design, analytic, and computer modeling technologies to provide our customers with the highest-quality screen frame design engineering in the industry.

Specialized Screen Performance Evaluations

As your trusted screening resource, we offer this specialized service to examine and document all aspects of your vibrating screen's performance to determine the root cause of your performance issue(s).

Complimentary Screening Process Evaluations

We help you “dial in” your screen media choices and identify areas that will bring you the greatest potential ROI. We offer Screening Process Evaluations as a “value added” service to show our commitment to your success

Innovative Product Development

Polydeck is committed to developing products and systems that open you to new possibilities and help you achieve your goals.

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