Plant Survey

Plant Survey

Whether you're working on a large project or have special objectives, Polydeck offers unbiased, factual reports and suggestions to increase your efficiency, safety, and cost.

Polydeck plant surveys typically begin with a round-table discussion to gather information such as plant flows, machine IDs, safety requirements and so on. We recommend at least 1 site representative to assist during surveys. Surveys take approximately 20 minutes per machine.

We survey the following:

  • Feed points/style
  • Travel rate/path
  • Screening efficiency
  • Media wear
  • Blinding, Pegging & Carryover
  • Excessive noise, restricted spaces for media change-outs
  • Discharge points
  • Indications of erratic movements

Polydeck prepares a report after the visit and reviews it with the site staff involved.

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