Screen Performance Evaluations

Benefits of Screen Performance Evaluations

With a Polydeck screen performance evaluation, your screen’s operating parameters are measured utilizing highly sensitive electronic instruments. They're then recorded and evaluated by screening experts with experience at more than 1,500 locations. From the findings, a comprehensive performance evaluation report is presented with recommendations that can:

  • Decrease the stress on the machine itself and/or the support structure;
  • Balance the action of the vibrating screen to run more efficiently;
  • Reduce the time and effort required to maintain the machine.

Get the information you need to ensure your vibrating screens are running at peak efficiency. Contact Polydeck to discuss performance evaluations and other service options or to schedule an appointment.

Our Screen Performance Evaluation Experts are Experienced in the Field

When a vibrating screen is running erratically and causing a bottleneck to production or constantly becoming overloaded, the symptoms may appear in a number of ways. Cross members may begin breaking. Cracks may appear in support structures or on side plates. Material may run unevenly down the deck surface and production rates may be compromised. With so many possible factors to consider, how do you accurately determine what solution will actually fix the problem?

A typical Polydeck screen performance evaluation examines:

  • RPM’s
  • Travel Rate
  • G Force
  • Deflections
  • Velocity
  • Support Structure
  • Displacement
  • Natural/Critical Frequencies

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