About Polydeck

Family-owned and operated since 1978

Over our 50-year history, Polydeck has developed a unique culture—but that’s no accident. From the very beginning, we set out to be a great company for our customers to do business with; a reliable team of experts that our partners can count on; and a positive, enriching place for our employees to work and grow.

The Polydeck Advantage

Our unparalleled designs and engineering have led to new and more efficient methods of solving our customers’ problems. We can’t stop innovating because we don’t know any other way to do business.

Company Culture

Polydeck set out to build an internal environment of communication, learning, and teamwork, and then we gathered together the best people we could find to make our company great. Our customers stay with us because of the work we do as a team, every day.

Leadership Team

Polydeck’s groundbreaking products and custom-engineered solutions have shaped how our industry gets things done. It’s a legacy we’re proud of, and that we’re committed to continuing.


We believe in our products and solutions because customer satisfaction is baked into everything we do. That’s why we provide a guarantee of solid performance, along with the best service and support every time.

Industries We Serve

We built our reputation by working closely with customers to solve their unique challenges. We work hard to deliver responsive service, ongoing support, and a consultative approach to helping the customer grow their business.