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Long Wear Life
Constructed of high-quality Armadex synthetic rubber, our modular ceramic liners provide long wear life with high abrasion resistance.
Ceramic Liners are available in various rubber materials for different applications
Modularity and Weight
Ceramic Liners are modular for easy handling and lightweight.
Safety and Cost
Reduced noise levels and fewer change-outs improve maintenance costs and safety. Welded studs eliminate hardware inside chutes requiring only one installer.
Applications: Cylindrical ceramic inserts in Armadex Rubber for higher impact applications with heavy loading, large piece sizes, and long drop heights. Square ceramic inserts in Armadex Rubber for medium applications with little to no drop height and sliding abrasion that may include some larger pieces
Sizes and Thickness: Cylinder and Square ceramic inserts available in 1X1' and 1X2' with a 2" overall thickness.
Aperture Options: Cylinders and Squares with
Fastening: Liners come with a welded stud on the back per square foot.

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