Fastening Options


The industry standard in panel retention. Polydeck meets your needs with this fastening style as well as offering options to meet other pin style needs such as extended nipple (for thicker steel stringer requirements) and Ø27mm hole requirements and oversized pins for extreme retention applications.


Our patented PolySnap® system eliminates the need for pins while creating a positive vertical and horizontal locking mechanism to secure panels in place. Installation of these snap-on deck fasteners only requires a mallet to engage the panel to the PolySnap® fastening. Use a pry bar or screwdriver to remove PolySnap®. Panels with PolySnap® fastening are offered in both polyurethane and rubber.

PolyRail™ System Proven Effective in Difficult Conditions

Our PolyRail™ fastening system is a flexible, easy to install screening system that attaches to a wide range of screen deck frame support rails, including channel and angle iron. The PolyRail™ system features the most secure positive locking rail fastening system in the industry, with a proven track record in the most difficult applications and/or in high G-force (above 5 Gs) operating conditions.

Bolt Down

Typically used on scalping applications with large material sizes and heavy impact on the screening surface. This fastening offers the highest retention force and is available for use with 80mm thick Rubberdex® panels and Armadex® panels.

Pin and Sleeve

A fastening type similar to the pin style system. The difference from the pin style fastening is the "nipple" feature, typically molded into the panel, is a separate, replaceable item. The pin and sleeve provide extreme-duty holding power on applications requiring heavy 65mm and 80mm thick rubber panels.