Screen Media Solutions for Your Unique Operations

As experts in the field, we know the issues you face every day. That's why we want to help build custom solutions to keep your facility moving at maximum capacity.

We’re in the trenches with you.

When you choose Polydeck Screen Corporation to be your screening partner, you’re not simply choosing product performance, you’re choosing company performance. Guaranteed! See what solutions we can provide for you.

Dry Sizing

Usually ahead of and in closed circuit with tertiary crushers, these screens are often the limiting factor to a plant's capacity. Combining Polydeck's PipeTop II™ narrow stringer rail system with our high open area Maxi screen panel designs allows maximum production capacity in dry sizing applications.

Wet Sizing

Where the high moisture and clay content of the ore require wet screening, our high open area Maxi screen panel system provides maximum throughput. Polydeck's modular screening concept, injection molded construction, and integrated surface features like dams and skid bars allow flexible screen panel placement to achieve and maintain high efficiency.


We understand the challenges of dewatering or draining as much moisture out of a sand product or waste fines, while retaining as much solid material as possible. Our dewatering panels are available in a variety of openings from 0.1mm (about 140 mesh) to 2mm, and all have a skeleton structure to withstand the very heavy bed depths and high G forces of the application.

Drain & Rinse

Polydeck's unique polyurethane compound performs very well in clean coal and refuse applications where draining liquids, like water and magnetite off the material can provide significant cost savings downstream. Our VR (zigzag) design on the top deck and continuous Continuous Slot Design slot design on the bottom deck makes for a very effective combination in extending wear life, reducing or eliminating plugging and blinding, and reducing noise pollution.


Scalping sizes the raw coal before it enters the plant. Both Polydeck's polyurethane screen panels and rubber screen panels can effectively accomplish this, but rubber panels resist abrasion so well that they provide extended wear life while allowing easy, one person changeout. They are also available in a softer rubber option that resists sticky clay build-up.


Desliming is a process intended to remove ultra fine coal and clays from heavy media feed circuits. Effective desliming results in higher magnetite recovery and fine coal recovery. Our polyurethane screen panels with continuous slot opening designs typically excel in this application because of their outstanding performance and long wear life.

Screen Media Availability

Having the right screen media to meet your production needs when you need it, is essential to your bottom line. Polydeck's industry best lead times on custom orders and our network of regional Distribution Centers help ensure our screen media is available when and where you need it.

Open Area

The percentage of surface area available for product to pass through a screen panel is directly correlated to the amount of product a plant can produce. Polydeck's screening and fastening systems increase the open area, leading to great efficiency and more product produced.

Wear Life

How long does your screen media remain effective before it needs to be replaced? Polydeck's custom panel designs, proprietary material formulations, and injection molded manufacturing process can increase the wear life of any screen media application.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

Beyond supplying the media itself, Polydeck worked with us to maximize performance by tweaking and adjusting a number of key parameters during the installation and startup process. Brian Janssens, Dufferin Aggregates Butler Pit
Polydeck has helped me over the years. On one project we re-engineered a screen to go from 1 Year to 2 Years wear. Jason Medlock, Asarco, Mission North
I’ve been working with Polydeck for over 15 years and I’m very satisfied with the product and service. James Puente, Martin Marietta, Medina Plant
Polydeck gives good service. They are responsive and they follow up. They have good products. Craig Ab, Hawaiian Cement, Aiea Plant
If I need something Polydeck will get it done, and their product lasts long. Mike Berish, Corsa, Cambria Plant
Polydeck has provided excellent customer service and has worked closely with us to solve our screening issues. Nick Muskovac, Tahoe Resources