Project 150 is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free support and services to homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged high school students. The organization aims to help these students stay in school and thrive.

Where It All Started

In March, Polydeck attended the ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas. During the show, over 75 people belonging to a community called the Impact Prayer Gathering met at the convention center for a time of encouragement to reflect and pray for families, businesses, and the mining industry. Part of the Impact Prayer Community's desire is to impact the local communities that host industry events. Polydeck and Impact Prayer sought an organization that reflects their values of compassion and community service, and found a perfect match in Project 150.

Expressions of Gratitude

Members of the Polydeck Care team expressed that they appreciate the work that Project 150 is doing, especially in tough times like these. Senia Roybal, Projects Manager for Project 150, added, "We're thankful for Polydeck’s support. This donation will help us continue our efforts to assist high school students in need."

The donation of $16,575 from Polydeck and the Impact Prayer Community represents the combined goodwill of more than 500 families and businesses across the U.S. These funds will directly support programs in the Southern Nevada area that help students stay in school and work toward a better future.

Closing Thoughts

By donating to Project 150, Polydeck and its partners have taken a meaningful step to help young people in need. It’s a clear demonstration of the company’s commitment to making a tangible impact in the communities they engage with.

For more information about Project 150 and how you can get involved, visit Project 150's Website.

Innovating a Sustainable Future with Polydeck's Landmark Advancement

In the continued evolution of the mining industry, the call for sustainable solutions and technological advancements have never been more urgent. Today, we are proud to announce an exciting achievement in our sustainability efforts —our foray into developing our first-ever 100% recycled modular synthetic screen panel.

Navigating Regulatory and Environmental Imperatives

As the march towards sustainability gains pace, industries worldwide find themselves grappling with increasingly strict mandates regarding recycling and waste reduction. While these mandates certainly present challenges, they also present opportunities to break new ground in the pursuit of new technologies to propel the mining industry into the future.

Operationalizing Innovation: The Journey and Partnership

Turning this vision into reality was no small feat and involved a collaborative effort across multiple operations and departments within Polydeck. One of the keys to success was the partnership with a strategic customer who is also focused on being a sustainability leader within the industry. This collaboration involved the collection of the customer’s previously used Polydeck panels, which were then sent to Polydeck for initial processing and to lay the groundwork for being recycled.

Ryan Johnson, VP of Product and Customer Solutions, and Matthew Freissle, Regional Business Development Manager, have been working closely together to head the initiative and expands upon the R&D process:

  1. Material Reclamation: The first hurdle was developing a specialized cleaning procedure aimed at returning the used panels to a state ready for reprocessing.
  2. Material Segregation: The second hurdle was figuring out a process to separate the polyurethane from the steel insert. Cleaned panels had to be shredded, necessitating an advanced, high-precision sorting process to separate usable ground materials from extraneous debris.
  3. Molded Nylon Insert: To be considered truly 100% recycled, a molded insert made from recycled nylon was used. 
  4. Subsequent Debris Filtration: As a final checkpoint, additional filtration and cleaning techniques were utilized to guarantee the utmost purity of the recycled material.

The Thermoplastic Differentiator

The feasibility of this initiative hinged on one vital component—our use of thermoplastic polymers in our screen media. Many screen media manufacturers use cast urethane, a thermosetting polymer that cannot be re-melted and re-formed.

Holistic Sustainability: From Surface to Core

Our focus on sustainability extends beyond the reuse of polyurethane. The support insert in this innovative recycled panel is also sourced entirely from recycled materials, making the panel truly 100% recycled.

Validation of Durability

Preliminary laboratory testing data show that the recycled panel demonstrates durability levels similar to panels constructed from virgin materials. These findings suggest there is potential for the screen media (and potentially other products) to perform in certain wear applications without sacrificing performance.

Conclusion: An Unwavering Commitment to Sustainable Innovation

The development of this process has proven that Polydeck can manufacture molded products from recycled material and opens the door for additional products made from recycled material in the future.

This groundbreaking initiative represents more than an instance of innovation; it is a testament to Polydeck’s dedication to developing technologies that shape the future of mining.

Disclaimer: it is important to remember this is an undertaking in technology development. While we are extremely proud of this technological leap, it should be noted that these recycled panels are not currently ready for commercial distribution.

What happens when a local manufacturer of mining products joins forces with an organization dedicated to making homeownership accessible? Life-changing magic. Once again, Polydeck and Habitat for Humanity has partnered together to not just build homes, but to construct hope and community in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Wall Raising: Where It All Begins

It's August 8, 2023. Everyone is eagerly waiting as Ryan Johnson, Polydeck's VP of Product and Customer Solutions, walks to the podium to address the crowd.

"Our mission isn't just words on a wall; it's a life-long commitment. We're here to serve, grow, and care for people in a way that honors God."

The words hit home. Just ask Evelyn Martin. A year ago, she became a proud homeowner, thanks to Polydeck and Habitat.

"I never thought I'd own a home. Now, thanks to this program, my dream is a reality," said a grateful Martin.

A Shared Vision for Spartanburg

Raymond Davis, Sr., the highly committed Executive Director of Spartanburg’s Habitat for Humanity, sees this collaboration as a natural fit. “Our work with Habitat is about helping families get homes, especially those who might find it tough in the usual ways. It’s good for the families and the whole community," Davis explained.

According to Davis, who joined Habitat on July 18th, 2022, this is a mission that goes beyond constructing individual houses. It aims to uplift the community as a whole.

Thoughtful Selection: It’s All in the Details

The partnership is not limited to nailing 2x4's together. Linda Coltrane, Polydeck’s VP of Employee Care, elaborated on the careful planning involved.

"We’re working with Habitat on several homes. We chose a neighborhood close to important facilities to make life easier for the residents," Coltrane stated.

As Coltrane states, this isn't just a side project for Polydeck; it's an embodiment of their values. "We care about our employees and the wider Spartanburg community. This is one way we show it,” Coltrane added.

For both Polydeck and Habitat for Humanity, it's evident that their work transcends beyond the structural to the emotional and communal.

"It’s not just about the houses; it's about the community we’re building," echoed Johnson.

Closing Thoughts

As new homes continue to pop up on the Spartanburg horizon, it's evident that the collaboration between Polydeck and Habitat for Humanity is laying strong foundations for something even greater: a community where dreams are not just built but lived.

It's a partnership that's not just changing the landscape. More importantly, it's changing lives.

Interested in helping Habitat for Humanity build a stronger Spartanburg?

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