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What's Your Biggest Challenge?
Line of injection-molded modular polyurethane screen media. Recommended for wet or wash applications.
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Line of injection-molded rubber screen media. Recommended for dry, high-impact applications. Lasts 8-10X longer than wire screens in most applications.
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Modular synthetic side-tension system that is installed on traditional screen set ups. Recommended for high wear feed zones and portable plants that alternate between wire cloth and synthetic media.
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Line of fully-customizable bolt-down rubber panels and liners. Primarily used in scalping, high-impact, and heavily-loaded applications.
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Line of modular wire products. Recommended for applications experiencing severe plugging or blinding, and where wear life is less critical.
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    magnetic Liners
    Polydeck Magnetic Liners are designed with a combined holding force of up to 600lbs. The design also features molded 1” spaced cut lines to make in field modifications easy for any installation.
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    Ceramic Liners
    Engineered for maximum performance in aggressive wear environments, Polydeck's ceramic liners are a versatile bolt-in solution for high wear applications. Using proprietary molding techniques and a variety of ceramic shape options, Polydeck's ceramic liners can be designed to fit your specific application.
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    Metaldex VR
    Line of modular wire media. A variety of options are available ranging from welded wire to wedge wire designs. Metaldex offers the convenience of our modular design and the production results associated with wire cloth.
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