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Line of injection-molded modular polyurethane screen media. Recommended for wet or wash applications.
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Line of injection-molded rubber screen media. Recommended for dry, high-impact applications. Lasts 8-10X longer than wire screens in most applications.
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Modular synthetic side-tension system that is installed on traditional screen set ups. Recommended for high wear feed zones and portable plants that alternate between wire cloth and synthetic media.
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Line of fully-customizable bolt-down rubber panels and liners. Primarily used in scalping, high-impact, and heavily-loaded applications.
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Line of modular wire products. Recommended for applications experiencing severe plugging or blinding, and where wear life is less critical.
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    RUBBERDEX® ULTRAMAX is Polydeck's latest innovation in high-performance, extreme open area synthetic modular media. Utilizing our advanced material science technologies, ULTRAMAX pushes conventional norms by providing open area not seen before in synthetic media.
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    METALDEX™ ULTRACLEAN is Polydeck's latest design innovation to the METALDEX product family. Upgrading METALDEX VR, MEDTALDEX ULTRACLEAN's design improvements orient the VR wire across the flow of the screen providing more effective cleaning and accurate sizing, while increasing the available open area of the panel.
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    Polydeck magnetic liners are designed with a combined holding force of up to 600 pounds. The design also features spaced 1” molded cutting lines for easy field modifications for any installation.

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    Designed for maximum performance in aggressive wear environments, Polydeck ceramic coatings are a versatile bolting solution for high wear applications. Using proprietary molding techniques and a variety of ceramic shape options, Polydeck ceramic tiles can be designed to meet your specific application.
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