It’s more than just words. It’s who we are. It’s how we work. It’s how we live. Because for us, this is about more than just screen media.

Together Strong is a mantra that illustrates our belief that providing high-quality products and caring for people are the bedrock of our success.

We are one team committed to one goal. Our unified commitment to continuous improvement and innovation to solve our customer’s greatest challenges is what allows us to grow and succeed in a dynamic industry.

Together—with our co-workers, partners, and friends—we continue to innovate our products and improve our processes. Together, we’re solving problems and creating more efficiency so that our customers reap the benefits of their relationship with us. Together, we ’re finding out what works and uncovering new ways to bring value to our partnerships.

Together, we’re stronger.

This is especially true within the Polydeck family. We all work together as a team, support each other as coworkers, and count on the fact that everyone knows how important the goal is: To improve what we make, to grow a healthy company, and to succeed in a vibrant industry.


Polydeck is committed to creating a positive, lasting impact in the world by serving and caring for our customers, employees and stakeholders in a way that honors God.

Here are the areas in which we are working to make the world a better place
and how we are tracking our impact.
0 hrs Lost Time
Due To Injury
Scrap Recycled
11,448 hrs
Employee Development Training
Debt Free
864 hrs
Community Service
90% Customer
Satisfaction Rating
*Numbers reflect 2020 performance.
Synergy. We develop solutions together with our customers that have the most impact on their operations. Polydeck works as a well-lubricated machine that aligns its efforts not only in the development of a solution but also in ensuring a level of excellence in our service that our customers deserve.
- Marco Dotti, Director of Sales, Latin America
"We work in unity."
- Daniela Mendoza, Employee & Organizational Devlopment Manager
We all partner together in the best interest of our employees, dealers, and customers to achieve our mission to be the best."
- Sherry Waldrop, Inside Sales Specialist
"Working together to exceed the expectations of both the internal and external customer."
- Ceara Mathis, Customer Service Representative
"Standing side-by-side in everything we do."
- Janet Lester, Executive Assistant, Sales
"We develop relationships of mutual trust to champion long-term shared success."
- Eric Leconte, Global Inventory Analyst
"Treating every customer's equipment as if it were my own and working together to find the best possible solutions."
- Kendall Herring, Aggregate Regional Manager
"Working together using each of our unique talents to achieve a common goal."
- Lee Johnson, Senior Software Developer
"Collaborating with our customers makes us together strong."
- John Griffith, Mining Project Manager
"There is strength in unity. One of my favorite things about Together Strong at Polydeck is being able to see how we help each other in a time of need. There is strength when we rally around people who need us."
- Erica Williams, Customer Service
"Together, we can reach higher and go further. There's strength in numbers."
- Bobby Shannon, Energy and Industrial Regional Manager
"Turning a vision into reality with teamwork and collaboration."
- Chandler Bruce, Accounting Analyst
"We work as a team to achieve the same goal."
- Gary Rogers, Rubber Department
"We use our unique strengths to get the job done."
- Christina Lee, Manufacturing Engineer
"We help when it is needed; we offer support when it is needed and we always keep a positive attitude."
- Pete Babinski, Aggregate Territory Manager
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