Tod Eberle

Vice President of Sales

Tod Eberle serves as the Vice President of Sales at Polydeck, overseeing Aggregates, Mining, and Coal. With 30 years of experience in the aggregates industry, Tod brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for customer-centric solutions to his role.

Throughout his career, Tod has held a variety of positions ranging from hourly maintenance to regional VP for major producers. His journey through these diverse roles has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the industry, allowing him to effectively lead his team in identifying and addressing customer pain points.

Tod's educational background includes a BS in Environmental Science, which, combined with his expertise in fines reprocessing, plant improvement, and resource analysis, provides him with a unique advantage in driving performance and innovation. A firm believer in a customer-centric approach, Tod is dedicated to finding and implementing the best solutions to enhance overall performance for Polydeck's customers.

Known for his exceptional work ethic, Tod continually seeks out better solutions, inspiring his team to strive for excellence. His problem-solving attitude and dedication to customer satisfaction make him a pivotal leader at Polydeck.

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