Kent Ropp

Regional Manager - Mining- Mining Sales

Kent Ropp worked his way up from a Welder in Polydeck’s Fabrication department to his current role as Regional Sales Manager. Kent has spent the last decade gaining invaluable experiences by leading Polydeck’s distribution centers in North and South Texas dedicated to the Aggregate industry, and establishing relationships with mining customers in the Northwest, before advancing to his current role serving all three industries—Aggregate, Mining and Energy and Industrial. With his background in welding and robotic programming, Kent marries his understanding of how a product is made with how it is used in the field, helping customers overcome challenge after challenge. Kent spends his free time with his wife and two stepchildren, and the four of them enjoy activities on the water like boating and fishing.

For the Aggregate Industry, Kent covers South Texas only. For the Mining Industry, Kent covers South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, and New Mexico only. For the E&I Industry, Kent covers Texas and Louisiana only.



Authored Articles

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