Markell Williams

DC Manager/Sales Support Tech - Aggregate Sales

As the South Texas Distribution Center Manager, Markell Williams plays an instrumental role in meeting customer demand for Texas. Markell makes it his mission to make sure each customer receives the exact products they need and ensures he always has plenty of in stock screen media panels for any emergencies that may occur. He values working alongside his customers to keep them running efficiently and acts with immediacy to each of their needs. Markell’s role at the Distribution Center goes beyond inventory, stock, and deliveries. By remaining in close proximity to those he serves, he is able to be on-site within hours when necessary. In addition, his extensive in-the-field training and experience allow him to help lead installs, changeouts, and conversions for those he serves. In his free time, Markell enjoys adventures with his wife and kids, tinkering with and fixing things, anything car related, and serving others however possible to glorify God.



Authored Articles

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