Polydeck has long been innovators in the world of modular media and continue to be a pioneer in the screen media space as a company focused on creating a more sustainable future. Recognizing the importance of balancing environmental, social, and economic factors with growth, Polydeck has incorporated a sustainability mindset throughout every aspect of its operations. By focusing on creating a better world for future generations, Polydeck's comprehensive approach to sustainability has resulted in numerous environmental and social benefits for the company, its employees, and its customers.

Zero-Waste-to-Landfill: A Success Story

Polydeck's sustainability initiatives began with a targeted effort on repurposing waste material to divert it from landfills. Through recycling, cleaning, and recovering excess materials, Polydeck has managed to redirect over 90% of its waste away from landfills while also incorporating a percentage of recovered material into auxiliary products. As a result, Polydeck is providing benefits to both the environment and its customers through the cost savings generated by their efforts.

Responsible Sourcing: A Commitment to Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Polydeck's dedication to sustainability is further evident in its responsible sourcing practices. The company has forged strong partnerships with suppliers who share its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. Polydeck is dedicated to working with suppliers that uphold the highest standards in labor, ethics, environmental responsibility, and human rights. By prioritizing responsible sourcing, Polydeck can provide environmentally friendly and socially responsible products to its customers, reinforcing the importance of sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.

Community Engagement: A Pillar of Social Responsibility

Polydeck understands that a commitment to sustainability extends beyond its own operations and reaches into the local community. The company actively supports local organizations and initiatives that promote education and social responsibility. For example, Polydeck partners with local schools and non-profits to provide education, food, clothing, and other wellness needs to help people create a better future for themselves.

Employee Development: The Key to Driving Sustainability

Investing in employee growth and development is a cornerstone of Polydeck's sustainability strategy. The company's training and development program empowers its employees to make well informed business and personal decisions while creating a safe and productive work environment. Polydeck’s training program includes coaching, leadership training, skills training, and other professional development opportunities to help team members grow and succeed within the company and their personal lives.

Polydeck's Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

Polydeck's sustainability journey is an ongoing effort that started through the continuous improvement efforts engrained in the company’s culture and core values of Caring, Excellence, Integrity, and Humility. Polydeck is committed to helping create a more sustainable future to serve their customers and stakeholders with excellence and conduct business in a way that cares for people and honors God. When you choose to partner with Polydeck, you choose a company that stands for a greener, more responsible future. Upgrade sustainably. Upgrade with Polydeck.

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