History iN
the making.

As a 40+ year old family-owned company, Polydeck has found sustained success through continuous product innovation and an unwavering focus on serving, caring, and working alongside our customers.


The birth of a company.

In 1957 Manfred Freissle and Helmut Rosenbusch met in South Africa and founded Screenex in 1959.

Inititial Sketch of Mordern Screen Panel


The invention of modular synthetic screen panels.

In 1969 Mr. Freissle invented the modular synthetic screen panel that revolutionized the screen media industry. The patented polyurethane modular panels, branded Polydex®, displaced heavy wire cloth sheets due to its ease of use and longer wear life.


Joining forces and expanding abroad.

In the late 1970’s Mr. Freissle was reunited with his college friend, Dieter Egler, who wanted to help expand into the United States. In 1978 Mr. Egler officially opened Polydeck Screen Corporation in Spartanburg, S.C.

Joining forces and expanding abroad.
Groundbreaking at Polydeck's new HQ


The manufacturing boom comes to Polydeck.

Throughout the 1980’s modular synthetic media continued to gain traction, requiring Polydeck to build a new manufacturing plant in 1981 and a second manufacturing bay in 1986.


New innovations and expanded capabilities.

Polydeck continued to innovate in the 1990’s, patenting PipeTop™, a new support frame system that enhanced the production of the modular media design and expanding its capabilities and products to include rubber injection molded panels.


A new generation takes the helm.

By the year 2000, Peter Freissle, son of the co-founder, was ready to lead the next generation of innovation at Polydeck and was appointed president.

Throughout the early 2000’s Polydeck introduced new products that continued to push the boundaries of modular synthetic media production capabilities. In 2001 PipeTop II™ was introduced and became the industry gold standard for support frame systems. A new panel fastening system, PolySnap®, was patented and introduced in 2002.

A New Generation


A Caring Culture is born.

Innovation didn’t stop with product design. In 2006, after a life changing experience at a religious retreat, Peter Freissle created what is deemed the Polydeck Caring Culture and formed the non-profit His Way At Work as a way share the Caring Culture with other companies.


Product offering and global
manufacturing capabilities expand.

In 2012 Polydeck introduced Armadex™, a bolt-down rubber product line and expanded their South American footprint with a new manufacturing plant in Santiago, Chile.


Expansion to Peru and addition
of Distribution Center network.

By the end of 2017 Polydeck had expanded its campus again, expanded to Peru, and developed a North and South American Distribution Center network to better serve its customers

Polydeck Campus

Polydeck turns 40!

In 2019, Polydeck celebrated their 40th year of being in business. Founder, Manfred Friessle, was inducted into the Pit&Quarry Hall of Fame and Polydeck was named an Economic Visionary by Spartanburg Community College Foundation.


Safety Award Winner

Polydeck named South Carolina Chamber of Commerce 2020 Safety Award Winner for Workplace Safety.

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
2021 Great Place to Work


Polydeck is proud to be Certified™ by Great Place to Work®. Read full story


Polydeck employs over 340 employees worldwide while serving customers in over 40 countries. Expansion continues with the purchase of a 4th major building at Polydeck’s Headquarters in Spartanburg, SC and new administrative offices and expanded manufacturing space in Chile.

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