Aaron Walters

Regional Manager – Aggregate

Aaron Walters has accumulated ten years of experience in the Aggregate/Mining industry. His journey began in maintenance at Martin Marietta, working at an underground limestone mine. He then transitioned to operating equipment at the mine for two years. Walters' career trajectory continued upward as he was promoted to Mine Foreman, a role he embraced for two years. He further advanced to the positions of Surface Foreman/Maintenance Foreman, eventually taking on the responsibilities of Production Supervisor/Maintenance Supervisor for three years. During his tenure, Walters became a customer of Polydeck, appreciating the quality of their products used in the plant.

Dedicated to enhancing plant efficiency for his customers, Walters leverages his extensive experience and that of his colleagues to solve industry challenges. He is committed to expanding his knowledge and building enduring relationships within the industry.



Authored Articles

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