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As we close out the year, we are full of thankfulness.

January 11, 2021

There has been nothing typical about 2020, but we are thankful for the dedication of our employees, the loyalty of our customers, and the progress we have made this year. We look forward to a strong 2021.

It is an understatement to say that 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. At Polydeck, we are truly grateful for you and the opportunity we have to serve and work alongside each one of our customers. It is because of our partnership with you that we can look at 2020 as a success, and despite the uncertainty we have all faced, we are thankful that you have given us the ability to fulfill our mission to help serve and care for people in a way that honors God.

Through the COVID storm, safety has been a major focus for us and our employees. Navigating the uncertainty surrounding an invisible enemy has presented challenges for us and others to provide a safe and productive work environment. We have had to make tough decisions to balance the needs of our customers and the safety of our employees but have found a new rhythm that has made us a stronger organization. Our President reminds us that, “training at high altitudes makes you stronger and more efficient,” and this year we have become a stronger and more efficient company, positioned to better serve our customers, both now and in the future.

As the world slowed down in 2020, we have taken the opportunity to reflect, regroup and focus on the central qualities that make Polydeck great. Innovation and efficiency have always been at the core of our products and manufacturing capabilities. Over the past year, we have strategically placed an added emphasis on developing innovative, high quality products and optimizing our global manufacturing capabilities. Our relentless focus on our customers’ needs is something that sets us apart from the competition and this focus reaffirms our commitment to a continuous improvement plan centered around developing products that increase our customers’ production while lowering lead times and improving on time delivery.

This year we have been inspired by the commitment of our employees to embrace the changes needed to position Polydeck for a successful future. Our employees have learned new skills, challenged old ideas, and faced new challenges with a courageous attitude. Change is never easy, but it is becoming a healthy part of our company culture and we will continue to make key strategic investments to improve our internal capabilities and service to our customers.

As we reflect on the year, let us be reminded of those we love and embrace the opportunities we have to bring hope and encouragement to the world around us. We are optimistic for the year to come and look forward to seeing how our partnership will impact the lives of people in 2021!

May God bless you and your families this Holiday Season and New Year.

Together Strong.

Written by Ronald D. Kuehl II, Executive Vice President of Polydeck.

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