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How A Polydeck Panel is Born

January 11, 2021

Necessity is the mother of invention. In fact, that’s how Polydeck was born, when Manfred Freissle saw the necessity for something that functions better than wire cloth.

Fast forward to today, when Polydeck has well over 1,000 dies, numerous materials and surface features – and still, when there is a need to perform yet a new and different function, Polydeck will invent all over again. Keep reading to learn all about how our panels go from ideation to production!

1. The Challenge

The challenge shows itself. Quite simply, this is the ‘necessity’ part where an Aggregate, Energy and Industrial or Mining operation needs to do something differently. When Polydeck confirms this challenge requires a new panel as the solution, we get inventing!

2. Information is Gathered

Polydeck collects all sorts of information: What type of material is being processed? How is the material crushed, what are its challenging characteristics? Has a different panel been tried? All this information helps us to create the best possible solution for our screening partners.

3. Design. Design. Design.

Given the information collected in partnership with our customer, we get down to designing the new panel. Considerations like surface features (dams, restricted flow bars), fastening, amongst others, which may not be part of the initial necessity, ensure this new panel will be as modifiable as possible to offer the wonderful traits of modular media. The panel is drawn up and reviewed by multiple parties, which ensures no detail is missed.

4. Test the Panel

The proof is in the testing. The panel is developed and tested, eventually making it to our large offering of dies and corresponding panels. We also assign the new panel a color to make more easily differentiate it from similar panels.

5. Finished!

And then it’s here. While there’s no baby shower for it, we all celebrate the birth of a new panel, since it offers us yet a new set of functions to help our screening partners.

Written by Alex Caruana, Aggregate Territory Manager for Polydeck.

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