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Rapid Response, Groundbreaking Products, and Industry-leading Support--Right When You NEED It!

January 11, 2021

Polydeck’s Nationwide Distribution Network Is the Backbone of Our Performance Guarantee.

Polydeck’s commitments to performance, quality, and customer focus are our industry strengths and have been since the very beginning. Within Polydeck, our dedication to providing the best support is deeply ingrained in our culture, and everything we do is designed to improve our customers’ experiences with our products and services.

One of the many ways that we provide strong support is through our network of distribution centers, strategically located to put our products close to our customers and their industries. This proximity allows Polydeck to respond with immediate service and in-stock products ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

Our distribution network extends across the country, providing our customers with reduced on-site inventories, shorter lead times, and closer collaboration. When production emergencies occur in the field, our performance-focused manufacturing culture helps get our customers back up and running as swiftly as possible.

As the industry has evolved, Polydeck made its name by offering not only high-quality products but also unparalleled support. Our network of distribution centers provides crucial inventory that our customers need, with the ability to deliver within just a few days. Our distribution centers work closely with customers and area sales managers to ensure that the right products—in the right quantities—are always close-at-hand. The inventories we stock enable us to quickly respond to a customer’s specific requirements, while our industry-leading, on-time performance guarantee gives them the assurance that our products are there when they need them.

Polydeck’s distribution center placement also gives our customers a contact who remains close to their operations and can be on-site within hours, not days. This rapid response capability includes full technical support to incorporate any necessary operational changes or adjustments as a customer’s conditions change on the ground. The reduction in lead-time and close sales support creates great value and cost savings for our customers.

Our network of local distribution centers also allows us to self-deliver the majority of our products, providing our customers a quicker response and putting our sales personnel on-site more frequently to make sure we’re getting the job done. This presence allows us to closely support a customer’s operation, ensure proper management of supplies, and prepare for periods of planned downtime. It also enables Polydeck and our application engineers to provide technical support on the development of new concepts and products and to adapt to changes in the customer’s product specs.

In the other direction, our distribution centers offer our customers a great opportunity to visit and train on Polydeck’s full line of product offerings, learn more about each solution’s functionality, and evaluate product performance first-hand.

All of these customer benefits add up to greatly-reduced downtime with a longer product life, along with access to Polydeck experts who are ready to respond with industry-leading service. Our customers know the Polydeck difference and they recognize our commitment to performance through our regular support and interaction.

Polydeck is dedicated to being not only a premium supplier, but also a provider of unparalleled product performance and support. We guarantee it!

Written by Eric Leconte, Global Inventory Analyst for Polydeck.

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