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Polydeck Expands Manufacturing Operations in Spartanburg, South Carolina

January 23, 2023

Polydeck Screen Corporation, the leader in injection molded screen media for the mining industry, is pleased to announce the grand opening of its highly anticipated manufacturing expansion on October 31, 2022, at its Spartanburg, South Carolina headquarters.

The company purchased an additional building with over 36,000 square feet next to its current campus that will help increase capacity and keep up with current and expected future demand.  Along with the additional square footage, the company is also proud to announce that this expansion will bring 35 new jobs to the local area.

“This move signifies the continued growth our company has experienced from customer demand,” states Todd Nalepka, Senior Director of Manufacturing. “Outgrowing our current manufacturing model required us to expand the factory footprint – which has been an exciting challenge for the team.  It enabled team members to think creatively and strategically with how to best position our collective production system for the future.  After evaluating several options, we found that relocating our Rubber Department to a new building would be most optimal. This expansion unlocks growth opportunities for other departments, increases efficiency, and improves safety across the board,” continues Nalepka.

On November 1, 2022, phase one started with the Polydeck Rubber Department moving to the new space. By March 2023, phase one of the project should be complete in order for more departmental shifts and growth opportunities to begin.

Ron Kuehl, President at Polydeck says, “It’s been a special time for Polydeck. With several moving parts, this expansion has required multiple internal teams to work together through effective communication, planning, and scheduling to pull the move off well. Through the commendable efforts and teamwork of these different departments, we project an estimated 7+ years of sustainable growth to accompany the move.”

As a result of the move, multiple departments across several buildings will be reconfigured to allow space for new manufacturing machines needed to meet the projected demand. These changes will increase efficiencies throughout the production process and enable Polydeck to be positioned to maintain its industry leading lead times by controlling material flow through the plant.

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