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If You Could Try Synthetic Screen Media Virtually Risk-Free, Would You?

January 1, 2020

KWIKDECK is a simple and cost-effective way to try modular media.

Screen media is a critical component for the aggregate, energy and industrial, and mining industries. For decades, wire cloth has been the industries’ go-to media, but they are cumbersome to install and not as versatile as modular media. If you use wire cloth, you’re probably accustomed to changing them out every few weeks, a time-consuming and sometimes dangerous task.

What if you only had to replace your screen media twice a year?

Polydeck’s KWIKDECK system offers a better solution: A frame conversion that lets you try synthetic screen media virtually risk-free, with minimal set-up costs and easy installation.

KWIKDECK helps you cut operational costs, reduces downtime while improving safety, and keeps your equipment running at peak performance.

What makes KWIKDECK such an ideal solution?

  • It’s Simple to Install – KWIKDECK takes about 45 minutes to change out a 4-ft. by 6-ft. section. It reuses the existing side clamp rails, and doesn’t require altering the existing desk’s frame.
  • It’s Adaptable – KWIKDECK works with crowned decks, and can be modified to fit the  dimensions and configurations of most vibrating machines.
  • It’s Cost-Effective — KWIKDECK enables you to use synthetic screen media, which lasts at least ten times longer than wire screens,[1] and requires less maintenance and fewer changeouts than wire.

KWIKDECK is also perfect for portable screening operations that need to alternate between wire cloth and synthetic media. Operators can easily switch between different media types to maximize production requirements.

KWIKDECK provides an opportunity for traditional wire cloth users to try synthetic media with minimal cost or risk. Install it at the feed end of your vibrating screen, and see for yourself what a difference it makes.

Learn more about KWIKDECK, another innovative product from your partners at Polydeck—and just one more example of how we’re together strong.


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