Polydeck spray nozzles are superior to the competition because they are designed to be. Outfit your screen media decks with Polydeck spray nozzles for your washing needs and experience improved results and reduced maintenance issues.

Spray nozzles have become a desired and often critical component of operations dealing with higher fines content. However, not all spray nozzles are created equal. Polydeck Spray Nozzles feature:

1. Self-cleaning ability

2. Are easily replaceable

3. perform under heavy-duty conditions

4. Produce a consistent spray area when operating

These key features found in Polydeck spray nozzles produce the best results for washing operations.

Polydeck spray nozzles were designed to be practically maintenance free and also adaptable should water direction or water speed needs change. Polydeck spray nozzles were designed specifically to deliver water to the screen deck to wash material. Many operations don’t even think of their spray nozzle choices until it’s too late, when spray bar nozzles have failed or need significant maintenance. However, Polydeck spray nozzles feature the optimum fan-shaped spray that prevents material from avoiding the spray and produces a slowing motion to ensure material is washed and separated as it travels down the deck. Use spray nozzles to create water dams to improve screen efficiency rates from 10% to 50%. Many operations have found spray nozzles to be a necessary component for proper washing on decks with higher fines content.

Polydeck’s patented, self-cleaning polyurethane spray nozzles last longer than the competition because there are no metal parts to rust or corrode. Polyurethane is known for its durability and ability to hand heavy duty applications, making it ideal for spray bar nozzles. Additionally, the nozzle design is injection molded, producing the most consistent water spray amount and size, eliminating the potential for damage to screen media decks due to errant or uncontrolled water spray production.

Polydeck spray nozzles are available in a variety of shapes and configurations to meet the needs of your operation, today and tomorrow. When your water volume needs change, the center core can be switched out. Each component of the spray nozzle is easily replaceable and available individually when needed. In addition, the wide spray distribution pattern of Polydeck spray nozzles means more efficient washing with fewer spray heads per screen width.

When you choose Polydeck spray nozzles for your screen media washing needs, you’ll get a product designed to last longer, adapt to the changing needs of your operation, and produce the results you require.

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