Why Our Spray Nozzles Are Better

Spray nozzles come in a variety of shapes and configurations but they're all designed for one purpose: to deliver water to the screen deck to wash material. Unfortunately, they are too often taken for granted and forgotten until they don't work. For that reason, we've designed ours to be maintenance-free (well almost). They're self-cleaning, they won't rust or corrode and they deliver the designated amount of water evenly across the deck, without blowing a hole in your screen media.

Spray Nozzles Options

Polydeck spray nozzles are available with 5 different center core opening sizes - 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 11mm and 13mm, as well as a solid core. If your water volume needs change, the center core can easily be removed and replaced with another opening size. An optional handle is also available to make adjusting the water flow and direction even easier.

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When you choose Polydeck Screen Corporation to be your screening partner, you’re not simply choosing product performance, you’re choosing company performance. Guaranteed!

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