Our new line of ceramic liners and panels is the latest example of how Polydeck brings groundbreaking solutions to the surface.

When you partner with Polydeck, you gain access to industry-leading products and services, backed up by unmatched support and a half-century of expertise. Our new line of ceramic liners is the latest example of how Polydeck brings groundbreaking solutions to the surface.

We didn’t make our name by simply conforming to industry standards; we made it by creating brand-new ones. INNOVATION is what Polydeck is known for, and it shows in the level of attention we give our ceramic liners and panels.

Ceramics may have been around for a while, but we combined our knowledge of materials and panel construction to create new, more valuable ceramic solutions that solve your costly problems. Polydeck’s ceramic liners are a versatile, bolt-in solution engineered for maximum performance in aggressive wear environments.

Our modular, lightweight ceramic liners are specially-designed for higher abrasion resistance and longer wear-life, as well as reduced noise levels and fewer change-outs—all of which can dramatically lower your maintenance costs and improve safety levels.

We synthesized our proprietary Armadex rubber compounds to work with ceramics, in order to provide the flexibility and high-wear tolerances that address any need. Our ceramic liners also feature unique panel designs that help eliminate blinding, meaning you put more saleable product on the ground.

Our experts can even custom-mold Armadex ceramic liners with different durometers to match your specific application, working with you to select the right combination of materials and apply the perfect solution.

We offer outstanding lead-times and incredible technical support for our ceramic liners and panels. Whether you need to cushion a loading issue, decrease wear at a transfer point, or eliminate blinding and high wear in your chutes, our highly-trained and experienced field support team can improve your current situation with a better ceramic solution.

In addition to our unmatched external support, Polydeck’s internal engineers are available by phone to discuss your needs and help you coordinate with our outside team. Our Applications Engineers review every order we receive and discuss the details with our field representatives to ensure that you receive the best service and solutions possible.

Our support services extend to the supply chain, as well. Polydeck can keep you fully-stocked by putting the ceramic liners or panels you need into regular inventory at one of our regional distribution centers, strategically located across the country. If you’re ever caught in rush and need help immediately, however, there’s no one in the industry who can respond as quickly as Polydeck’s manufacturing team.

When you place your order, we commit to the delivery schedule you require. For most suppliers, standard lead-time is typically 3–4 weeks to push out a rush order. Polydeck has accomplished rush orders overnight, ready for next day shipment. Even if you inadvertently run out of onsite stock or someone forgets to place an order, Polydeck’s manufacturing ability is there to back you up.

Finally, as with all our products, our ceramic liners and panels are backed by Polydeck’s industry-leading Performance Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with the results, we will do everything possible to make it right, including replacing any unsatisfactory panels on a pro-rated basis.

It’s simple—We work hard to support all your needs, because supplying value through innovation and total service is what you expect from Polydeck.

Written by Frank Harris, Strategic Sales and New Product Development for Polydeck.

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