Screen Panel Design

The concept of modular screen panels was originated by Polydeck co-founder Manfred Freissle in the 1970s and is still going strong today.

From his original sketches in a notebook to the sophisticated computer modeling and screen engineering capabilities we use today, Polydeck continues to lead the way in developing effective screen media design solutions to meet the everyday screening challenges our customers face.

Experience & Expertise Essential to Industrial Screening Success

The correct screen media solution is typically a joint effort between the customer and Polydeck's internal and external professionals. The process is most successful when a detailed study of the industrial screening operation is completed. Based on this analysis, Polydeck is then able to offer the most effective solution, backed up by our performance guarantee.

We use information from the customer's gradation analysis as a first step in verifying the right screen panel selection.

The Polydeck test lab runs customer samples using adjustable industrial screening equipment and different types of media to find the best screen configuration for a particular application.

3D Design and Modeling Capabilities

We use computer modeling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations to predict stresses and confirm that our joint design and weld points will withstand the conditions they operate within. After a panel is produced, tests are conducted to simulate actual operation. If an area shows questionable characteristics, we refine the model to examine each individual piece to isolate and identify areas to be strengthened or redesigned.

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