Polydeck Performance Guarantee

We believe our customers’ success leads to our success. It’s a core business value we’ve promised to put first. That’s why we guarantee our product’s performance.

Simply put, we guarantee our products will last longer, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and meet your product specifications. And, if you’re not satisfied with our performance, we’ll make it right.

Here are the details:

Wear Life Guarantee: If your Polydeck-approved panels do not result in increased wear life from your previous screen media we will replace your panels.

Labor Savings Guarantee: If your Polydeck-approved panels do not reduce labor costs from your previous screen media we will refund your purchase (on a pro-rated basis).

Product Specification Guarantee: If Polydeck does not meet the required product specification after the initial installation, we will replace your panels at no cost to meet the requirements.

*In order to honor our performance guarantee, all relevant customer and product specification requirements and accurate application details must be received and reviewed in a timely fashion and prior to purchase.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us.

Beyond supplying the media itself, Polydeck worked with us to maximize performance by tweaking and adjusting a number of key parameters during the installation and startup process. Brian Janssens, Dufferin Aggregates Butler Pit
Polydeck has helped me over the years. On one project we re-engineered a screen to go from 1 Year to 2 Years wear. Jason Medlock, Asarco, Mission North
I’ve been working with Polydeck for over 15 years and I’m very satisfied with the product and service. James Puente, Martin Marietta, Medina Plant
Polydeck gives good service. They are responsive and they follow up. They have good products. Craig Ab, Hawaiian Cement, Aiea Plant
If I need something Polydeck will get it done, and their product lasts long. Mike Berish, Corsa, Cambria Plant
Polydeck has provided excellent customer service and has worked closely with us to solve our screening issues. Nick Muskovac, Tahoe Resources