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The PipeTop™ Stringer System is known for its versatility. Pick from a range of conversion options, additional accessories, and fastening styles to meet your gradation needs.
Increased Open Area
The PipeTop™ Stringer System is the first of its kind, designed with 1/2" rails to enable the largest open area when combined with the Polydeck Maxi panels. Typically, this pairing allows 20% more open area than our competitors which allows for more throughput capacity.
Longer Wear Life
By reducing dead area created by wider stringers, we can more evenly spread out apertures increasing duty from widening bridges.
Sizes: ½"-wide PipeTop™ rails with ferrules in two-per-foot or three-per-foot combinations.
Fastening Options: PolySnap™, Pin and Sleeve, Pin-Style, and Bolt-Down are all available options.
Conversion Options: Individual Stringer Rails, Jigged Assemblies, Complete Deck Frame
Ferrules: Steel Ferrules combinations are available in both mild steel or stainless steel for your specific application needs.
Protective Options: Modular ProTop string protectors can also be used to increase the wear life of the stringer. In addition, Polydeck provides protective urethane spray or rubber that can be glued on to protect the stringer.