Polydeck Cares

How we care

Polydeck has initiated several programs, both within the company, the local community, and internationally to reach out to others and in some way bless them as we have been blessed.

In Our Company

At Polydeck, our mission and values are grounded in our caring culture and our commitment to excellence in our products and services. Our culture attracts and retains talent, drives employee engagement, impacts the happiness and satisfaction of our employees, and results in high performance.

In our Community

Polydeck has volunteered and supported over 100 local ministries in South Carolina and all over the United States. This initiative began in 2006 and continues today.

International Impact

In 2013, Polydeck organized its first trip to Nicaragua which resulted in the adoption of the Mount Zion barrio (developing village). Our partnership with Chosen Children Ministries has allowed us to focus on seven areas of impact at Mount Zion.

Polydeck Caring Team Statement

The Polydeck Caring Team promotes an environment where:

  • Core values and social responsibilities are lived out and experienced in daily operations.
  • People are encouraged and given opportunities to improve their workplace, physical health, mental and spiritual growth.
  • People trust and support each other in a caring family manner.
  • People are developed to explore and apply their potential to realize their dreams.
  • People are involved beyond their daily work duties and actively participate in shaping the corporate culture and supporting our communities.
  • All this is done in a non-discriminatory and non-threatening way.