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Ease of Doing Business-- The Polydeck Experience

January 11, 2021

There are many reasons why customers choose Polydeck as their screening partner. One of them being the ease of doing business with us.

When a customer decides to partner up with Polydeck, they typically experience a sense of relief when it becomes clear how easy it is to do business with us. What exactly makes it so easy?

We’re passionate about great service, and that means putting the customer first.

1. "Customer is King"

Everyone at Polydeck is focused on doing the right thing for our customers and ensuring that we get the job done. We have a saying here that the “Customer is King,” so we do our best to provide excellent service to our customers. With every project, our expert field representatives work closely with the customer to get a thorough understanding of the challenges they face, and to ask the right questions that will help us solve their problems.

2. We Take Care of the Details

Our field guys have been there, and they get it: Screening is only one part of an operation, and there are numerous other details to keep up with. To save time and numerous site visits, our field reps learn a lot about each customer’s set-up—like conversions, deck frames, and all sorts of information—so that when the customer calls us with a problem, we already know the equipment and parameters we’re dealing with. We even offer plant surveys.

For screen field conversions, we gather all the required information in the field to ensure the effortless fit that Polydeck screens are known for. We also provide expert advice on any special objectives, for example: setting up stringers to be compatible with larger-scale scalping in the future, or using multi-point fastening to adjust slot direction for sand panels. It’s all quite genius!

For brand-new installations, the Polydeck experts are well-versed in communicating effectively with screen OEMs, to ensure that the right product—a new screen already set up with Polydeck technology—is delivered without a problem.

3. The Polydeck Performance Guarantee

Perhaps the most significant example of the ease of doing business with Polydeck is our Performance Guarantee. Once a screen is commissioned and material starts passing through the Polydeck screen media, we look at the resulting product quality. If it is off the initially specified targets, then Polydeck provides the rapid, hassle-free exchange of panels to dial that material in perfectly.

4. Our Winning Team

Another frequent customer service issue occurs when a significant period of time goes by between replacement part orders. Often, if there have been on-site staff changes in that time, this can lead to a lot of ambiguity in which parts are required. Have no fear—Polydeck’s experts are there to make it easy! We keep meticulous records of each application—layouts, part notes, and details—to ensure that, even if we only have a minimal description of where the part is used, we can narrow the right product down right away!

If a customer is working on a large project, then we have the resources to help with plant flows and gradations.

If a customer wants to shift to e-commerce for business transactions, then Polydeck can accommodate that, too.

If a customer needs to deal directly with our Customer Service, Engineering, or Shipping departments, then they know that the Polydeck team will be happy to help them with a solution.

Whatever a customer needs, Polydeck works really hard to make it really easy to do business!

Written by Alex Caruana, Aggregate Territory Manager for Polydeck.

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