Screen Media

Polydex® Modular Screen Panels

Polydex® is our line of modular polyurethane screen panel solutions. Although a good choice in many screening circuits, Polydex® panels are especially well suited for wet applications. Also available in formulations to address applications involving high temperatures or high microbial action.

Rubberdex® Modular Screen Panels

Rubberdex® is our line of modular rubber screen panels and is especially effective in dry applications where gouging and abrasion are prevalent. Rubberdex is available in a variety of formulations including softer compounds that minimize or eliminate blinding as well as high temperature options that are effective up to 203 degrees F.

Armadex® Rubber Screen Sections

The Armadex™product line is best suited for top deck, highly abrasive scalping applications. Armadex™ is designed for the toughest situations and is a great choice for chute liners or other high impact zones.

Metaldex™ XPT Modular Steel Screen Media

Metaldex™ XPT represents our first departure from purely synthetic screen media with its effective combination of high brinell welded wire encased in polyurethane borders. It is available in 1' by 2' sizes to fit on our PipeTop II™ stringer system.

Metaldex™ Pro Profile Wire Screen Media

Metaldex™ PRO combines the performance of profile wire and the convenience of modular with the service and support of Polydeck's Screening Experts. Available in stainless or hard chrome steel, they are long lasting, efficient, and maximize open area for fine sizing and drain and rinse applications in high impact areas

Fastening Options

Polydeck offers a variety of screen media fastening options to effectively attach our screen panels to frame systems, depending on the specific demands of your application. Whether you need maximum holding power, ease of installation and removal, optimum versatility or a combination of all of these, we have a fastening system to meet your needs.

Why We Use Injection Molding on All of Our Panels

There are lots of reasons, but the three most compelling to our customers are Quality, Consistency, & Delivery.

Quality: Injection molding ensures every screen panel has accurate opening sizes and shapes and is thoroughly cured throughout.

Consistency: The injection molding process is an enclosed, computer-controlled process that injects the material at the same rate, heats it to the same temperature and cures it for the same length of time...every time.

Delivery: Because injection molding is a closed process, it is not affected by environmental factors, meaning production takes minutes in most cases, instead of hours it takes for competitors' open cast process.

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